Muscarello Law, LLC, is a transactional and litigation law firm that largely concentrates its practice on representing privately held and growing companies. Muscarello Law represents both well-established and emerging businesses, ranging in size from closely held businesses and start-ups to large, multi-national conglomerates, in a broad spectrum of industries and backgrounds. Generally, Muscarello Law acts as an outside general counsel and trusted strategic adviser to privately held companies and the owners of such companies. Muscarello law has represented parties seeking to do business with or in litigation against various powerful governmental entities and Fortune 200 companies. Because Muscarello Law represent start-ups, venture capital firms, private equity funds, commercial lenders, companies being acquired, and those doing the acquiring, it understands transactions from all perspectives.


A smaller footprint allows Muscarello Law to interact with its client base on a one-to-one basis to best meet their diverse and individual needs. You will get over 20 years of experience start to finish, not get passed off to an associate. The firm’s goal is to learn and understand how your business operates, and then apply that knowledge to everything we do for our clients. Muscarello Law’s efficient leading-edge technology and agile structure, coupled with low overhead, allows it flexibility in its approach to fees and working with clients together as business partners.


Muscarello Law employs a business-focused perspective with specialized knowledge. It begins all representation by first understanding what the client needs, and then tailoring the strategy to best obtain the required results. Most of our many referrals come from clients we successfully represented in previous transactions and litigation. Further, many of our clients also come from the executives and entrepreneurs from the opposite side of a previous transaction, just because they liked and appreciated the way Muscarello Law handled the matter and they wanted that experience in the next transaction. Results matter.