Every day businesses enter into agreements, perform services, sell good and other transactions. Muscarello Law is there to assist your business in managing those obligations and rights, including consideration of taxes consequences, pricing methodologies, risk assessment and allocation, business requirements, limitation of risk and liabilities and other similar matters that form the core of a contract. Because Muscarello Law has acted as an outside general counsel for businesses of all sizes and all types of industries, it has the knowledge and experience to guide and negotiate businesses through risks, concerns and compromises that may exist in any particular transaction.

Experience includes drafting and negotiating:

  • Master service, manufacturing, supply, distribution and reseller agreements.

  • Software, Software as a Service (SaaS), End User License Agreements (EULA), Application (Apps), Application Programing Interface (API) and Software Development Kits (SDK) licenses.

  • Non-disclosure (NDA) and confidentiality agreements.

  • Letters of Intent (LOI), Memorandum of Agreements (MOU) and contracts.

  • Terms of use or service and privacy policies.

  • Employment, independent contractor, consulting and professional services agreements.

  • Service, development, collaboration and construction agreements.

  • Internet, e-commerce, business to business (B2B), e-signatures, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

  • Marketing, advertising and promotional agreements.