Unfortunately, the reality is that not all agreements and relationships are mutually beneficial, nor do they all end well. While litigation is often the last choice, sometimes it is the only choice. Muscarello Law is experienced in all stages of the federal and state litigation and appeals processes, as well as mediation and arbitration, in order to effectively represent our clients’ interests and to be in a position to achieve the best possible results for the situation. Muscarello Law has litigated both for and against Fortune 500 companies, for and against governmental bodies, and for and against businesses of all sizes. For example, one dispute resulted in an arbitration requiring over 90 days of testimony.

Experience includes drafting and negotiating:

  • Breaches of shareholder agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, corporate governance, fiduciary duties, and fraud.

  • Breaches of employment, non-competition, non-solicitation and related agreements.

  • Contract disputes, fraud, conversion and other business torts.

  • Misappropriation of confidential information and trade secrets.

  • Violation of intellectual property, license agreements, and trademarks.

  • Representation of shareholders, officers, directors, owners.

  • Both removal of and compensation of removed shareholders, officers, directors and owners.

  • Representation of limited partners to remove a rouge general partner.

  • Representation of fund investors who were defrauded.

  • Breaches of secured loans, unsecured loans, mezzanine finance, liens, and guaranties.

  • Governmental entities against parties and other governmental bodies.

  • Representation of a large number of property owners against governmental regulation, development and zoning matters.